Quiet days in Tokyo


listen to the music ... QUIET DAYS IN TOKYO
Urban , relaxing , jazzy bossa style

01- The girl from Ipanema
02- Futari no Delicious life   
03- Angella
04- Denwa suru yo
05- Quiet days in tokyo

06- Paris I love You
07- La vie en rose
08- Morning smile
09- Never feel lost
10- Mahafushi

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making of

"QUIET DAYS IN TOKYO " has been recorded and mixed in Paris and Tokyo.It's an urban ,relaxing,jazzy,bossa style CD featuring female singers from Paris,Shanghai and Tokyo...

the female singers of "Quiet days in Tokyo"

Frederique Jean-Denis Saito Masami "Macha" Zhou Xiaoyi "Valentine" Kanako Kitabayashi "Wawa"
Pierre-Jean Gidon composer,producer & tenor saxophone
the cover picture : sunset on the beach of zushi,in the south of Tokyo,Japan.
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