Pierre-Jean Gidon: Quiet days in Tokyo
The New CD of Pierre-Jean Gidon
 "QUIET DAYS IN TOKYO" (more...)

Pierre-Jean Gidon is composer and music producer in France and Japan.The first CDs in Japan are"BRAZOUL" electronic and acoustic bossa nova beat and braz-pop with a Brasilian female singer from Rio de Janeiro and "CHINA BOSSA" cool bossa grooves and asian flavor with a Chinese female singer from Shanghai.. last year He produced a collection of song covers in bossa nova mood

now the Brazilian CD of Pierre-Jean Gidon

is available in US and Europe


Pierre -Jean Gidon began his musical life in jazz schools where he learned
saxophone and harmony.After having played  saxophone in a lot of jazz
bands in France ,he began his professional career as side man
with famous french artist (Renaud,Michel Berger ...)

In the same time he began his career of composer , writing songs for
french singers (Renaud...),writing scores for movies (Dance century,
In the sky 2003...) , composing and producing music for commercial TV
movies.Some of his most important musical productions are :
Chanel parfum n°19,Chanel mascara and lipstick,Guerlain “Odelys”,
m&m’s with Jean Paul Gautier,Peugeot,Citroen ,Nissan ,susuki ,

These last years the direction of his work is a large mix featuring
the beat of the Brazilian bossa nova,the wonderfull melodies of asia and the impressionist harmony of new french classical music.
"BRAZOUL "is his first Japanese CD.It’s a mix of electronic and acoustic music
with a female singer from Rio de Janeiro.
Pierre-Jean Gidon is living and working now in Paris and in Tokyo,he played
on stage for the last TOKYO BOSSA NOVA .
He made his second CD “CHINA BOSSA ” produced for Japan by Rambling record,and a collection of 7 CDs of english and french famous songs cover in bossa nova style "canary" .(see ->CD's for details and listening)

Pierre-Jean Gidon

I'm basically a composer (advertising,movies,CD songs...) but I like to play saxophone in concert ...
I just played in tokyo last fall in the TOKYO BOSSA NOVA festival.You can see on this site some pictures of this events.
You can get my last CD on the web in Japan.See the links on Brazoul page.
Your comments are wellcome.Hello to my US friends !

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